FINCH review. Not much to chew on.

FINCH proves one thing. Tom Hanks remains an American treasure. Like being an outcast on a desert island, Finch is an outcast in the Apocalypse. Instead of Wilson the volleyball, Hanks creates Jeff, the robot. But unlike Castaway, FINCH doesn’t have any heart. We never learn what FINCH left behind, why he is where he is (Some big time place that he can build his own robot?)

But by the time FINCH builds his robot Jeff, just to take care of his dog, we, as the audience, don’t give a shit. The audience has not yet cared about Hanks, or his dog, and therefore we don’t care about the robot, Jeff.

There is ONE. count them, ONE tense moment.

The rest is sweet. And it IS sweet. And that’s why this movie is a dessert. This movie is not a meal, it does not include an appetizer, or an entree. This is a dessert. But is is eat great, really sweet dessert. Just prepared to not be full, and you’ll need a toothbrush.

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