The Matrix 4 title is: The Matrix: Resurrections. The long-gestating installment, which sees Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss back in their roles as Neo and Trinity. Here is the trailer synopsis:

The trailer opens with Reeves, going by his pre-Matrix name Thomas Anderson, speaking with his therapist, played by Neil Patrick Harris.

“Am I crazy?” he asks. “We don’t use that word in here,” Harris’ character replies.

Next, Neo’s saying hello to Trinity (Moss) in a cafe. “Have we met?” she asks. They don’t seem to remember each other.

He’s later shown taking pills and looking at himself in a mirror as Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” plays. Something is clearly off about his reality, and he knows it. Blue pills pour into the sink, and Neo sees a vision of himself turning into an old man in the mirror.

Then comes the action: We get all the jumping, twisting, slow-motion martial arts, and gravity-defying acrobatics synonymous with the franchise. Newcomer to the Matrixverse

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II fights with Keanu, leading to an energy explosion.

“After all these years to be going back to where it all started… back to the Matrix,” says another new addition to the franchise, Jonathan Groff, as the trailer comes to an end.

GREAT. Let’s take an absolute PERFECT Sci-Fi movie, and make two more that suck my ASS. THEN, if that’s not bad enough, let’s drive the nail into the coffin by making yet ANOTHER one, twenty+ years later. (The Matrix: Resurrections will premiere Dec. 22.)