Sylvester Stallone And Frank Grillo Teaming Up For 80s Remake

It has been recently revealed that one of Stallone’s early films, Nighthawks, a beloved cult classic released back in 1981 and one of the grossly under-appreciated action films of the star’s career, is being revived as a limited series with Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Bruck Rumlow/Crossbones i.e., Grillo set to portray the lead character.

While plans of revisiting Nighthawks have been in the pipeline since 2019, it was only last year that Sylvester Stallone confirmed that the film is getting a remake in the form of a streaming series by Universal. And now, Frank Grillo has spilled more beans about the highly-anticipated show. There is an ongoing search for an actor to the late Rutger Hauer who played Wulgar the terrorist in the original film. Even though he will be leading the story this time, which will be a limited series, it doesn’t mean that Stallone is not in the picture anymore. Not only is Stallone directing the series, but at some point in the story, he will also be a part of the plot. Whether he is set to appear as DaSilva or some other character is yet to be disclosed.

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