Child’s Play

Real transcripts, from real kids. This was taken from an Electronic Gaming Monthly article.

People Play “Boobs, Butt or Shoulder”

People all around the world loved this game. Some HATED me as the announcer, but some called me EPIC. But it’s a thrill to see a stupid flash game that I made played by so many different people, in different languages.

Michael Jackson Press Statement

Well, some might say I have gone too far with this one, I’ll let you guys decide. I wanted to do something a little different with Michael, so I did this. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of Michael bashing to go around.

(This was taken down form YouTube, so thank you NEWGROUNDS for keeping it up.)

See it here:

Michael Jackson, you are a fuckin’ moron!

This was a highly controversial episode, but I thought it was worth it to take the risk and write it. A classic case of separating an artist from a person. You can like the art, yet dislike the artist.

Watch it here:

The Mystery of Britney Spears’ Breasts

The FLASH animation that put LiquidGeneration on the map! Written, Animated, and Voiced by The_Walrus!

YAAFM 14: John McCain

John McCain was an amazing senator, but when he was running for president, I felt I needed to make a YAAFM about him.

You Are A Fucking Moron – George W Bush

My bashing of DUMB President Bush. Yes, he was a moron.

YAAFM – Scientologists are fucking morons

One of my favorites. And let me make this straight… I did this a FULL YEAR before South Park did it. This was my most researched episode.

Y.A.A.F.M. 13: President Bush Part 2

Don’t know where Part 1 is, but this is part two.

You are a Fucking Moron 2

By popular demand, here is the Jessica Simpson episode.