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Games of Thrones characters dressed as Star Wars characters.

Artist Andrew Dat Tran has created some spectacular pieces that imagine GOT character dressed in Star Wars garb from a galaxy …
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More of my Art

Some of these on iPad pro, some in Adobe Illustrator. Follow me on Instagram


Instagram Z-Chick: Emily Sears

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This will make you feel old.

So remember that really bad superhero/comedy movie from 2006 called “Zoom” starring Tim Allen? Well, …
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Dude, What did Olivia Munn do to her face?

She claims it’s from eating potatoes and losing 12 pounds, but her jaw line it …
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ZFTR Feb 26th, 2016

Just an hour show. Talking about Trump, the debates, Christie endorsement, Apple VS the FBI …
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Instagram Z-Chick: KarleeSteel

Very hot girl. Follow her.

Image Credit: Hanan Qattan

Awesome Fan Tattoos

Most are from Alex Rattray and Rich Pineda.


Cool Star Wars Busts

A bit like the Greek statues Star Wars, the Chinese design studio A Hidden Lab …
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Fan Art Tributes to Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69 after a battle with cancer. He …
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Awesome SuperHeroine Art

This awesome art is brought to you by YamaOrce at Awesome talent.


Cartoonish Superhero Art

I LOVE THIS! Character artist Corey Smith has created a nice little collection of superhero art that …
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Disney Princesses as Zodiac Signs

Talented artist and obvious Disney fan Grodansnagel has illustrated an incredible collection of redesigned zodiac signs. The …
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My Snapchat Art

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Cute A.F. Art: Star Wars and more

Derek Laufman‘s art is on Nerd Approved. It’s a bright, bubbly, and colorful that comes across as …
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Fan Art: Daughter of Darth Maul

Here’s a great piece of Star Wars fan art created by Jeremy Chong featuring the daughter of Darth Maul. …
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