I’m beginning to really love Korean series and cinema, and Squid Game just reinforces my love for all things Korean.

Yes, this series takes the familiar troupe that through flashbacks, we learn more about the characters, and yes, that seems familiar. Where this series differs is that it takes everything, and turns it up to 11.

The stakes are higher, the drama is higher and the acting is superb.

The series starts with our main character, a down-and-out divorced dad living with his mom, deeply in debt to loan sharks. He’s a moron, steals from his mom, and relegated to eating ramen on the floor in his kitchen. But we still root for him to succeed, because he seems like such a great guy.

He gets sucked into an underground game where he realizes very quickly that the stakes are much higher than he expected… those being LIFE and DEATH.

Squid Game is an immersive series that you will find hard NOT to binge. It delves deep into classism, and what people will do for money, even with your life on the line. The series has a slight twist ending, and a perfectly set-up for season two. And with the series surging on Netflix, a season two is all but assured.