JoJo Siwa broke out her brightest rainbow outfit during rehearsals this week.

The YouTube star headed to her “Dancing with the Stars” studio on Wednesday in a brightly colored outfit. She wore a striped rainbow button-up shirt left open with a sparkly holographic top underneath. She added black jogger pants as well as her signature oversized hair bow, which matched her rainbow top.

Listen… hear me.

I worked and still work with a strip club. I have known strippers and bartenders that have identified as gay (sorry, PAN). And I know parents that deal with daughters that identify as BI, PAN, or GAY. The problem wit this is… someone like JoJo is TOO YOUNG to identify as ANYTHING. I knew a 30 year old bartender who identified as a lesbian, who is now married to a MAN. Many woman choose to “go gay” after experiencing a bad experience with a man. Kate Chastian from “Below Deck” dated a woman for years, before switching and going “srickly dickly”.

Our society accepts a woman with a woman, and does not accept a man with a man. With social media, a person likes JoJo might want to be with another “girl” because it feels “safe”. As our current media portrays any person with a penis as a “predator” or “dangerous”. So no wonder this young girl might feel this way, especially that she is in the public eye.

ABC is now EXPLOITING this young woman to her expense. As a young woman, her sexuality is in flux. But now, poor JoJo has to be the LESBIAN poster child. LET HER LIVE and explore. She is too young to be some GAY icon. She is still growing, and evolving. LET HER BE.